Komal Pandey’s phenomenal styling!

Komal Pandey is a force to be reckoned with. the Indian fashion blogger, YouTuber, and a Model, this 25-year-old Delhi-based Fashionista has been making heads turn. She is best known for being a fashion stylist at the POPxo, an online fashion community for women. She has recently hit 1million followers on Instagram and now she has a strong followership of over a million people.
from posting her #lookoftheday in college time to becoming India’s top fashion influencer and inspiration for thousands of youth.

She used to follow her fashion icon and idol Gigi Hadid well! Yes, she indeed is, In 2019 Komal Pandey won the “Cosmopolitan best fashion blog” award and many more.
She believes and always advises today’s youth to “just believe in yourself if you really want to achieve something in life which you’re passionate about and the universe will eventually help you achieve it”.

She has made over a thousand videos on fashion till date Really! Attagirl girl, she undoubtedly is an inspiration, Komal has her own unique and exceptional way of styling clothes from Indian to western to any culture she always slays. Let’s have a look at her styling with denim jeans.

For this one she paired a regular white tee with the blue denim bootcut jeans accessorizing with a beige colored hat and snake print bag which adds a great look to the outfit. This basic outfit looks stunning in the way she styled it.

For this second look she tried to make layering but also wanted it to be basic so she wore a white shirt over the white t-shirt with a small scarf on the neck as a choker and again the snake print leather bag and also a watch.

Wearing a super stunning jacket over it and ties it with a belt to give more structure to the entire look and also the hat again cos it goes super well with the outfit making it look amazing street style.

This is the extra sophisticated yet sexy look where she layered a lacy top on the t-shirt with the gold earring and a black sling bag.

We all wanna look a little fierce yet wanna feel comfortable in the t-shirt and jeans so here layering it with a classic blazer and a black fanny pack and classy black boots or heels.

This one is her favorite and most comfortable yet stylish
A flowery shrug through on top with tassel earrings and matching white bag this is a perfect summer look,so breezy and colorful it is. And if not that then wear a tube top over the tee and add some accessories to give a superb look

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