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The major barriers of today’s fashion world are Obsessed and Underweight People. There are tremendous designs of jeans are existed in the denim globe. But it differs from individuals. Some prefer slim-fit where some like relaxed-fit, Everyone has their own choices for the outfit. Your attire should be selected as per your body type. In this blog, I will demonstrate some trendy style for skinny men. By dressing in this way your costume will get an outstanding and stunning effect. 

Adapt light Color Shirts

Light Shades are always advisable to skinny men as it will match their personality. Too dark clothes can alter their dressing as it will show their body structure. Light color shirts will attract the viewer’s eye on the shade and it will improve your fashion taste among others. Shirt should be of any fabric according to your comfort.

Add another layer

Add another layer of upperwear to your Attire. Wear a jacket on open shirts on the t-shirt with jeans. This combination will help you to look bulky if you are skinny. You can wear any jacket but my opinion is to always select a plain jacket or denim jacket as they are more trendy today. The combination of jacket, shirt and jeans should have coordination with your body color otherwise it will look messy.

Prefer Tight-Fit

Always wear t-shirts and denim that perfectly hug your body and leave no extra inch. The jacket or the open shirt should be short and should end on the upper hips. The t-shirt should bridge the gap between jacket and Jeans. This Combination will give you an outstanding casual look. Always avoid shoes like gumboots and large footwear if you are skinny as it will not be a perfect match.

Evade heavy accessories

Always avoid huge and heavy metal accessories like bracelets and chains if you have a lean body. Just imagine a person is too skinny and wearing gold chains and bracelets then what you will see, It will look like someone has put these accessories on a hanger. So if you like accessories then don’t use big size which will tear your personality apart.

Roll up

A skinny person always tries to look stunning and use many ways to change his outfit. But the simple trick which can give his attire a good effect is to roll up the sleeves. Folding the sleeves will make your biceps look thicker. This simple clothing hack is unknown to many people and they adopt the full sleeve shirt which will malfunction their wardrobe.

Shorts inside jeans

If you want to make your thighs thicker than this trick will be helpful for you. You can wear short inside your jeans and the thigh area will look bigger. Top to bottom skinny jeans is not so good looking and to get rid of this wear shorts inside your jeans and it will make your jeans narrow from the bottom which is very youthful fashion today.

Different Jackets on T-Shirt

As I told you to wear jackets as an extra upperwear on your t-shirt, but which type of jacket will be perfect for your fit. A biker jacket will only preferable if you are going for a ride on a bike otherwise you should neglect this type. A denim jacket is always demanding and you can wear it on any occasion according to the shades. Suit jackets are only suitable for formal occasions or wedding parties. 

Shoes for Skinny Guys


It will perfect for slim guys as it is suitable for every costume and give a casual touch to the person’s nature. The sneaker’s come in various colors but my favorite is white Sneakers with denim jackets. You can choose sneakers if you want total casual apparel.


Canvas shoes are also a choice for lean men. But the demerit of canvas shoes is that they don’t support every style and it can be a flaw in your persona. You can wear canvas shoes with folded jeans as it is very trendy gear going on.


This simple style trend will give you phenomenal apparel and it will motivate your fashion knowledge. The basic thing to be neglected and your perfect attire is waiting in your wardrobe. Don’t let this thing shatter your identity among others.

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