All about Red Monkey Jeans

A while ago, according to Yahoo, I revealed about the most searched for jeans, surprisingly the little-known brand Red Monkey Company Jeans was in the No3 place (above Levi’s and Diesel). Now I hadn’t found these jeans in the stores, so I decided to do some research and find out why they were so demanding. Red Monkey Company Jeans are Martin Ksohoh’s Hong Kong brainchild and are made of China’s specially engineered cotton woven and colored using the indigo rope dyeing method to produce high quality and unique denim. The jeans also carry a very unique Japanese embroidered geishas, crashing waves and dragons influenced back pocket designs.

These are obviously some fairly unique jeans, but this alone does not explain why Yahoo should be so popular with a niche denim brand. Well, it turns out that Red Monkey Jeans is a favorite with Jay Z and Sean Combs likes, as well as being mentioned by Ghost Is Back by Ghostface Killah in the song’s lyrics. That’s just going to demonstrate hip hop’s enormous impact these days.

It’s not that easy to get your hands on two of these jeans, they’re made in extremely limited editions, they’re only stored in a few shops and retail outlets around the £ 300 ($600) mark. You should read this guide to finding fake Red Monkey Jeans before you leave with your hard-earned money as there seem to be a lot of fakes around particularly on eBay. Alternatively, you could purchase them from, which seems to be the only site that sells the genuine guaranteed Red Monkey Jeans.

How to Spot a Fake One!

Martin Ksohoh’s genuine Red Monkey jeans use only a true leather waistband patch. The logo of the Jeans is always blue. The waistband patch has a distinctive laser-cut the serial number to define authenticity, and each jeans has its own distinctive serial number. Red tab on both outside and inside, always with red. If there is white inside the flag in the red tab. 

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