1. Distressing DIY for your Jeans

    Distressing DIY for your Jeans

    I have envied all the Pinterest and Instagram pics of gals rockin' hardcore distressed jeans for some time now that I wish I could have my own pair. I love projects so I thought I was going to make my own pair of troubled DIY jeans! I knew that if I put some sweat in it, I could get there...
  2. Various Hacks to Unshrink or Stretch your Jeans

    Various Hacks to Unshrink or Stretch your Jeans

    We’ve all done this before: means by chance washed your favorite pair of jeans on the hottest setting in the washer, lead them to shrink down a size. Instead of having the “perfect” body-fit, they become tight, constricting and downright difficult to wear. The better thing is that denim fabric is naturally strong to shrinking. Denim is expert and resilient to shape changes, which is one of the reasons why jeans have become the world’s most popular style of pants among both men and women. The bad thing, however, is that certain kind of denim, such as those made with a combination of denim and other fabrics, may still shrink to some amount when exposed to highly hot temperatures. If you accidentally shrink your jeans, you can usually unshrink or Stretch them by using these methods.  Continue reading →

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