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  1. Double Denim : A Classic Attire

    Double Denim : A Classic Attire

    Double Denim is a style of dressing in Which Denim Shirt or Jacket is worn with Denim jeans. Usually Jackets and button up shirts are common in this Outfit. It is often regarded as a fashion faux pas. In the 1800’s Levi Strauss. Co. has started denim for miners as it have durable fabrics. At that time Denim on Denim/Double Denim started because mine workers don’t only want durable lowerwear but also long lasting upperwear. Continue reading →
  2. 7 Ways you can use to Wash/Clean Your jeans and preserve its value

    7 Ways you can use to Wash/Clean Your jeans and preserve its value

    When it comes to superior Lifestyle Denim Jeans has conquered the spot. Denim has replaced approx 70% wardrobe of every individual. On an Average, Every person has three to four pair of custom jeans in his Closet. Continue reading →
  3. Fit Boyfriend Trend.

    Fit Boyfriend Trend.

    In the 19th century, women wearing whatever they want like dresses, skirts, and corsets were considered absurd. A huge majority of celebrities are wearing boyfriend jeans from Kendall Jenner to Emma Stone. The boyfriend jean has been reinvented to be many fits, from more baggy and authentic, to a tighter more tapper version and now manufacturers have invented relaxed boyfriend fit jeans. Continue reading →
  4. Different Denim Different Fabric

    Different Denim Different Fabric

    There are many kind of denims are available, and most used denim from 18th century to this date is 3x1 weave with indigo dyed, today's denim are 80% consist of 3x1 and variation built on that around 3x1 weaved Denim, lets see what kind of denim fabrics are available around us. Continue reading →
  5. The one with Stretch denim

    The one with Stretch denim

    Denim was famous for many years in men's fashion. But, recently something got more popular in denim and those are stretch denim jeans. And stretch jeans are dominating the denim market from last 4 years and it's not like that they are in trend for a limited period of time these stretch denim ain't going anywhere. Continue reading →

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