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  1. Upgrade your Denim this Fall Season

    Upgrade your Denim this Fall Season

    If you're someone living in their jeans, you'll probably be continually looking for ways to take your denim-based wardrobe with variety. Is there a lack of inspiration? Look no further than Tailored Jeans ' Denim A-Z collection— a capsule of custom jeans and t-shirts launched under the style. With new styles and updated personalization options, Tailored Jeans has also offered its Custom Denim Service. So if you want your initials to be embroidered on your jeans ' back pockets, you're in luck.  Continue reading →
  2. How to Style a Denim Jacket

    How to Style a Denim Jacket

    This intense summer heat has prepared us for fall, and nothing reminds us of falling pretty much like a jean jacket. A denim jacket is versatile, stylish and simple to lay over a sweater or even under a coat. Would you like to take away a laid-back yet captivating style? Then you should put in your wardrobe some denim jackets. Denim jackets are fashion savers because they feature comfort and style, all in one. From your maxi dress to your white tee & jeans combo, you can literally couple them with anything under the sun. And apart from the casual atmosphere they bring to your whole getup, denim jackets will keep you comfortable during the cold season. This essential fashion doesn't suffocate your internal outfit or cover it up, but produces a more striking style. So, let's put those denim jackets on the runway and let your casual yet stylish captivate the whole crowd. Continue reading →
  3. All about Red Monkey Jeans

    All about Red Monkey Jeans

    A while ago, according to Yahoo, I revealed about the most searched for jeans, surprisingly the little-known brand Red Monkey Company Jeans was in the No3 place (above Levi's and Diesel). Now I hadn't found these jeans in the stores, so I decided to do some research and find out why they were so demanding. Red Monkey Company Jeans are Martin Ksohoh's Hong Kong brainchild and are made of China's specially engineered cotton woven and colored using the indigo rope dyeing method to produce high quality and unique denim. The jeans also carry a very unique Japanese embroidered geishas, crashing waves and dragons influenced back pocket designs. Continue reading →
  4. The Beginning of Ripped Jeans

    The Beginning of Ripped Jeans

    Distressed blue jeans are part of today's cultural fabric, so prevalent and stylish fashion options that it's difficult to think they've not always been staples in the average closet. In reality, at first, they might even have looked strange. If you've ever been amazed at extraordinary clothing on a fashion show runway, you might be surprised to believe that some of the clothes you appreciate most or look best in, including distressed light blue jeans, once looked just as strange. Here are a short history and methods of distressed jeans that make them look the way they do. Continue reading →
  5. Why do most women wear tight jeans?

    Why do most women wear tight jeans?

    Women wear tight jeans because in them they look fantastic and they are also comfortable. Wouldn't you demonstrate it off too if you had a figure like a Women? Or do you feel that this particular fit looks better? Some do, while many do not. Tight Jeans may feel snug, but they feel good as well. Many females spend dozens of hours in search of tight-fit jeans. And that's the trend of the present fashion. Wearing skinny jeans, women are a fashionable look. Baggy jeans are coming and going, but to remain there are skinny jeans.  Continue reading →

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