Kicks and jeans.

Jeans are one of the most worn cloth in today’s era. Whenever I go for a walk or anything, I see almost everyone is wearing jeans only.but it looks stunning when you are wearing it with some stunning shoes. But when you are wearing denim jeans you should try to match your jeans with the shoe. Cause it makes your outfit look a little bit unattractive. It doesn’t matter its sneakers, classic hi-tops, or a chelses, blucher mocs. 

Sneakers: There’s always something special about from that dark navy denim to those white sneakers always look stunning. While choosing the jeans,  go with a slim fit and make sure that it’s a little bit more tapered than other slim fits. And roll it up from the bottom. And don’t wear socks but if you are not comfortable without wearing socks wear ankle socks.       

Sneakers are very comfortable to the feet. You can walk and run easily with your sneakers. You are less prone to injuries if you are on your sneakers. You have a good balance if you are on your sneakers because they are flat. Sneakers cause less pressure on your leg.

Jorden air 1:

if you are looking for some urban street look so choose skinny fit jeans and match it up with the jorden air 1. Jordan Brand’s summer 2019 collection will also include this brand new Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Defiant Tour Yellow. Styled in the classic “Black Toe” theme, the sneaker is defined by red stitching throughout its entire leather uppers. 

The model also features unfinished Swooshes prominent on the outer lateral portion of the silhouette, while the inner sections feature bright yellow Swooshes. Completing the look are “Nike Air” branded tongues and the wings logo gracing its ankles. And these ones are most classic and silhouette. And most importantly it never goes off style.

OLD Skool VANs:

The Old Skool Pro, a Vans classic ameliorated for magnificent performance, features suede, canvas, and leather uppers, single-wrap foxing tape, And Vans original waffle outsoles for superior grip and control. The Old Skool Pro also includes Durac support rubber underlays in high wear areas for unrivalled durability.

While wearing the old skool vans try some navy black ripped jeans which will look classy. Most probably when you are going with the vans so choose jeans with some darker shades. It looks stunning with the black or navy blue.

Chelsea boots:

It is whether the suede leather pair of chelsea boots it’s always stunning it makes you look like an ultimate gentleman in the makes you look 10X more stylish than your continuation of our coverage of boots, we now take a close look at the Chelsea boots we the Chelsea boot has become a staple of a Gentleman’s wardrobe

  • Brown suede is great for a country look. 
  • Black is preferable for an urban look.
  • Burgundy is a good all-around option
  • Tan can look stunning, especially with a nicely polished patina.
  • Exotic colors like blue, green, yellow or red can work if you want to make a statement.

so these were the 4 shoes that will obviously go with your denim and will makes you look stunning. we gonna write on another part on this same series. till that time stay connected.

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