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  1. Style your Coated Jeans

    Style your Coated Jeans

    Offers high-fashion leather pants, covered jeans are also a fashionable and trendy option for fashion-forward females looking for cost-effective, practical and stylish road wear. Coated jeans are a wonderful solution to giving your style some flair in the hotter months, more breathable than edgy leather pants. Looking for inspiration on how your road looks like to integrate these jeans? Keep reading to get ideas to style your coated jeans. Continue reading →
  2. Coolest Flare Trends for Fall

    Coolest Flare Trends for Fall

    Since the introduction of skinny jeans, flares are just about the most interesting thing to denim. Seriously! Any and all skeptics should consider the Glamor office that has started late to resemble an extremely chic version of That's 70s Show. Indeed, references from the 1970s are abundant this season, and while flares are obviously one of those trends, the key...
  3. How adorable skinny jeans are?

    How adorable skinny jeans are?

    Never has one item of clothing endured as much reinvention as the Jeans, and never has one type of jeans had a greater resurgence than the skinny jeans. Massive throughout the decades, except those 90s, they seemed to be a thing of the past kitsch that no one even wanted to remember. We've all come to our senses thank God. If we loved our ankle slim jeans and the most iconic look of skinny jeans continues with ballet pumps. I believe it's secure to say that the skinnies are bound to create their comeback and dominate the globe. Those punk & rock and roll children who are now fashion & music icons have also adopted the slim fit pants, and with this season's huge punk trend, of course, we're not sharing ways with our skinnies yet. Continue reading →
  4. Peak Jeans Types for Women

    Peak Jeans Types for Women

    Jeans are regarded by males and females outside the workplace to be casual wear and worn. Students can not live without their fundamental 5 pocket jeans and are prepared for all occasions with many pairs of jeans in their wardrobes. People prefer Jeans to other formal trousers because they can be worn without the need for media. Jeans also often do not need to wash like other formal pants. Blue is the color that gives jeans a unique identity even though they are available in many over-colored colors today. Continue reading →
  5. Wear your Straight-Fit Jeans in Style

    Wear your Straight-Fit Jeans in Style

    The Straight-leg jeans are the new Trend. This simple vintage-inspired style has become a favorite of style mavens Today everywhere in between. But, as with any changing Style’s, sometimes it takes a bit of inspiration to know the subtle changes to make when changing from your old go-to's. There's nothing right or wrong when it comes to how to style straight-leg jeans, but there are some Clothing Tips we constantly have in our arsenal. Whether it be a PRoper Work look with heels or something more usual for weekends spent with Circle, these looks will motivate you to make these jeans your taste this year (even for Die-hard Skinny fans).  Continue reading →

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