1. The 90's Jeans- making a comeback at fashion!

    The 90's Jeans- making a comeback at fashion!

    The famous 90s fashion- flared jeans are making a comeback. Flared jeans have been into making for as long as it made its entry into the fashion market. From being the newest fashion trend in the 90s, to being the classics in the 2020s. Flared jeans, over the decades have been customized into a variety of styles, from the difference...
  2. Non Stretch Jeans

    Non Stretch Jeans

    Non stretch jeans are a classic denim form, popular with both women and men. In the mid 1800’s a man named Levi Strauss designed the first ever pair of jeans, clothing that would become a fashion statement many decades later and beyond. Rugged and durable, jeans became workwear before they were fashion. Hard laborers and soldiers needed clothing to wear...
  3. Distressed denim of Ashley!

    Distressed denim of Ashley!

    The American actress, singer, and producer Ashley Michelle Tisdale spotted in Los Angeles wearing cropped and distressed denim overalls. She has appeared in many motion pictures and television programs since starting her career in 1988 and made her acting debut at age of 12 with tiny roles in the television series such as Smart guy and 7th heaven. She often...
  4. Most frequently asked Questions about raw Denim.

    Most frequently asked Questions about raw Denim.

    FAQ #1: How long does it take to fade raw denim? The response depends heavily on your lifestyle, the weight of your jeans, and how much you wear them. Let's take a look at each of these in turn. One of the things that draws so many of us to raw denim is his ability to tell a visual storey...
  5. Mens Bootcut Jeans

    Mens Bootcut Jeans

    Mens bootcut jeans are a top choice in the world of designer denim pants for men, with low rise, slim fit versions making a great choice. Buying the right pair of mens bootcut jeans is essential, when you’re going to be wearing boots, or just want the unique look that this type of pattern really gets you. You’ll find that...

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